Benefits of Boat Shipping Services

Yacht Shipping: The Wave of the Future

benefits of boat shipping servicesMore and more yacht and luxury watercraft owners are opting to enlist the services of boat transport companies for lengthy cross-ocean voyages, as well as destination return trips.  There is a lengthy list of reasons why someone might opt to use this service, when said person could conceivably make the trip himself.  It is not necessarily an economical expenditure, for many people, it may be well beyond their budget.  However, for those who do have the means by which to employ the help of a reputable transport company, here are some of the benefits gleaned from the opportunity.

  • Wear and Tear: Perhaps one of the biggest advantages is the enormous amount of wear and tear you save your vessel when choosing to ship, instead of navigating yourself.  Oftentimes, after long trips, boats need to undergo vast repair and replacements, and more often than not, they need to be repainted.  So, in truth, the money you spend on hiring transport may feel like a better bargain than pouring hundreds, and possibly thousands into necessary renovations and restorations.
  • Time: When your plans are to relax and enjoy the comfort your boat at some far away destination, the trip there may just feel like a tedious means to an end.  If you choose to ship your boat, you can meet the vessel there and get straight to unwinding and indulging in relaxation.  A plane ride takes a fraction of the time a boat trip would require, and you expend considerably less effort in doing so.  They say time is money, so in all honesty, shipping your boat may just end up saving you money when all is said and done.
  • Safety: Unfortunately, even in this day and age, piracy and waterborne crime is a problem in some parts of the world.  If your destination requires that you navigate unsafe waters, more than just the condition of your boat is at stake.  Your safety and that of your crew and/or family may be at risk as well.  Choosing a reputable boat transport company will ensure you are not a potential victim.
  • Manpower: Some yachts and boats require a considerable crew, which also requires time, money, and effort to employ.  This can all be avoided by transporting your yacht to where you actually want it to be.
  • Endless Destinations: If you intend to widen your horizons and use your yacht in beautiful locations all of the world, chances are there is just not enough time to reach the all of the exotic locales alone.  Make better use of your time, so that you can journey to the farthest reaches of the ocean.

Although boat transport is not the answer for all, the benefits and advantages are definitely palpable.  The most important determining factor is whether your own personal scenario lends itself well to enlisting a shipping company’s help.  It is in your best interest to at least obtain quotes from a few reputable companies and see if it is a good fit for you and your vessel.

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New Technology in Boat Shipping Service

New Technology in Boat Shipping ServicesTraditionally, boat transport has been limited to enclosed container shipping, the roll-on/roll-off method (in which the vessel must first be secured to a trailer with wheels), and specialty transport carriers that utilize a crane to load and unload.  Although these methods are in no-way rendered obsolete, and still serve a very important purpose, new technologies in boat shipping are constantly being created and introduced into the industry, all in an attempt to improve efficiency.

Although not a brand new concept, as it has been used in the past for military and oil rig transport purposes, the float-on/float-off (also known as flo/flo) method for use in luxury vessel transport is one of the most exciting developments in recent years.  The technique repurposes specialized heavy lift ships as yacht carriers that can be used to transport a large number of sizeable maritime vessels at once.  These vessels have long and low decks that can be partially submerged in order to load the cargo.  After the goods are in position, the tanks are pumped and the deck rises out of the water.  The yacht carrier will then be able to start the journey with the shipment in place.

To begin the process, extensive preparation occurs on the deck of these “yacht shuttles” which includes the installation of keel block cradles and hull supports for the carrier.  The vessel is then adequately submerged in the water to allow for the yachts to be moved into their respective positions, in what is known as a floating marina.  The carrier then begins dock operation, and after the deck is completely dry, the yachts are then more sufficiently secured onto the deck.  These carriers also employ the use of spray covers, to keep the many yachts on board better protected from the elements.

Some of these carriers provide onboard quarters for the yacht crew if desired, but of course, the boat owners could always opt just to fly in and meet their vessel at the final destination.  The use of these yacht carriers has opened up many options for those who may have previously been intimidated by a cross-ocean voyage, but had aspirations of visiting far-off destinations.

The companies that provide this service pride themselves on giving the gift of time.  Since a yacht captain could potentially be tied up for weeks, or even months, at sea otherwise.  They are now able to meet their yacht at their endpoint, which can save them a lot of time and effort.  It also saves the yacht itself the wear and tear a long sea voyage would normally inflict on the condition of the boat.

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How It’s Done: Lifting A Yacht

Ever wonder how we lift a yacht into a truck for transport? Check out how it’s done.

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How’s The Weather? Ways we ensure safe transport


The National Weather Service is one of the outlets we use for keeping an eye on offshore weather. We don’t take chances with shipping your boat or yacht, we look ahead and plan ahead. One of the ways we minimize delays and maximize safety for international transporting is by analyzing offshore weather patterns. If you sailed anywhere in the ocean, then your familiar with how critical this information can be for a safe journey.

Check out this link for Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf Coast, and sub-region sea conditions. The National Weather Service give pretty good forecasts, data, and records historic conditions for Marine Forecast Sites with Coastal, Offshore and High Seas Forecasts.

National Weather Service
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Transporting your boat doesn’t have to be rocket-science

Handshake1Many boat and yacht transporters will inundate customers with the complexity of the process to try and increase their perceived value. Sure, it’s a complicated process but it’s not rocket-science. We use an extensive network of partners and team members to get the work done but there is one key difference that makes it so much simpler: trust.

Our global partners and domestic team members have a long relationship with us and know what we expect. They aren’t just anyone who is willing to help. They are hand-picked, trained, verified shippers who know what it takes to get the job done. In short, we trust them because we personally know them and picked them. Our job is easier because we work within a network of time-tested trust and service. The kind of service that makes it simple for customers to believe in.

You can trust that our team world-wide, is here to help get your boat from its origination to its destination without all of the complications that you’ll run into with other shippers. This is what sets our services apart, and this is what makes it simple.

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Loading 5 yachts today in Gulf Coast

We had a busy day today, safely loading 5 yachts in one day! We service the Gulf Coast region for transport all over the Atlantic. We wanted to show pull back the curtain and show you some highlights from our busy day.



Crane Lifting

Weighing an average of 4 tons, these yachts are some of the most valuable private vessels on the water. The only way to safely get them into a sea freight liner specially designed to transport marine vessels, is to use a 30 ton crane. These cranes could lift a few houses on your street all at once.

Lift By Experts

As you can imagine, operating and coordinating this crane takes a crew of experienced professionals. Safety is king, and our highly skilled team makes it look easy. But don’t let looks deceive you, this is one of the most complicated operations on open water.

Future Tech

Our team is aided by some of the best technology as well. Form lift monitoring equipment to, balance gauges, and electronic safety equipment, our lifting and shipping procedures employ the best that tech has to offer. Not to mention, when this yacht is being transported it is GPS tracked, camera monitored, and safely secured.

Simply The Best

Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself. First time customers of our services usually refer their friends. In fact, if you’re reading this, it’s most likely because your friend told you about us. Our high quality transport services like this one speaks for themselves. Get your free quote today and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

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